Truss bridge analysis and design for 3 to 16 bays – single-span

‘TrussbridgeA&D’ provides design calculations for bending, axial and shear capacities, stresses, shrinkage, shear connectors for cross beams, fatigue and bolt capacities for single-span steel U-frame truss bridges with composite steel and concrete cross beams in accordance with Eurocodes.

Contents (75 pages) Cost: £30 / 34€ / US$39

  • Input data
  • Pin-joint frame analysis using stiffness matrix method for 3 to 16 bay trusses
  • shear lag for cross beams
  • elastic properties
  • plastic properties
  • partial factors
  • creep and shrinkage
  • axial load capacities for truss members
  • lateral torsional buckling for main steel truss top chord
  • cross beam lateral torsional buckling and composite bending
  • shear
  • stress history
  • shear connectors for cross beams
  • fatigue
  • HSFG bolt capacities