Grillage for 6 beam 2 span skew bridge

A grillage analysis for 6 main skewed beams supported on pinned or rotational springs over 2 spans using a stiffness matrix based on 3 degrees of freedom at each joint – vertical deflection and 2 rotations. Loading is by joint forces or moments in 2 directions. Optional support conditions allow integral bridge decks and ‘ladder’ type bridges (2 main beams) to be analysed. Differential settlement can be modelled as required. The global axis may be rotated to facilitate the input of rotational springs parallel and at right angles to the abutment.

Contents (74 pages) Cost: £45 / 50€ / US$58

  • General arrangement allowing definition of geometry
  • input data for beam and support properties
  • loading input and results summary for key shear, moment and displacement results
  • matrix parameters and full set of results
  • validation using structural analysis software