Embedded retaining walls

‘Embedded retaining walls’ provides limit equilibrium design calculations for cantilever and high-level propped embedded retaining walls in accordance with Eurocode 7 and CIRIA guide C760 (2017), including DA1C1, DA1C2 and SLS load combinations for drained or undrained conditions (not mixed), wall moments and shear calculations and stiffness matrix-calculated deflections. Up to 4 soil layers on each side, tension crack water pressures and optional passive pressures above the prop. Four worked-through examples from CIRIA guide C760.

Contents (34 pages)) Cost: £45 / 50€ / US$58

  • Cantilever and propped wall data
  • moments and shears
  • stiffness matrix deflections
  • worked examples from CIRIA C760 guide
  • earth coefficients
  • partial factors